​why video?

​Video is versatile.  It can promote any product or concept. With the right planning and professional execution, a little video content can tell a big story.  The right creativity makes video a great tool for any idea, which can be easily shared with anyone and everyone on the internet. Ask about the demographic information that can identify your market by viewers on Vimeo, Facebook, and Youtube.

why tnt productions?

​Video Production has many useful applications which can be complicated depending on the intended use of the footage. To insure quality throughout the shooting and editing process, it is essential to hire a professional. tnt offers quality shooting, editing, and consulting at a highly competitive rate. 

Ted Sawyer of tnt productions has over 15 years experience ranging from news video journalism with NBC to in-house video production at a large national ad agency with DeutchLA. The professional quality of Ted's video production will meet or surpass your expectations.